How to create API keys?

We are going to see how to create your API Keys for your Edition.


1. You need an Instagram account
2. Login at
3. Click on Manage Clients (in the header menu at
4. Click on Register a New Client
5. Fill out the fields, for the App Name enter the name of your company or your apps builder, and for the app description just tell that this Instagram app allows the users to integrate Instagram photo galleries in their mobile applications. In the Website and OAuth redirect_uri field,just enter the url of your Create my Apps Edition, like
6. Now you have a Client ID and a Redirect URI
7. Click on “Manage” to enter in your Instagram app, then click on the “Security” tab, uncheck “Disable implicit OAuth:” and click on “Update Client”.
8. In this URL: replace “CLIENT-ID” and “REDIRECT-URI” with your own info, and then paste the url in your browser. For instance the URL to paste in your browser would be like if your CLIENT-ID is “817718189191” and if your REDIRECT-URI is
9. Accept to share with the info
10. You obtain the token (it is in the URL after “access_token=”)
11. Before using Instagram in your Create my Apps, you need to add at least a picture in your Instragram account.
12. Paste your CLIENT-ID and your ACCESS TOKEN in your Editor, in Settings > Instagram.



Here is how to proceed.
1. You need a Facebook user account
2. Go at
3. Click on “Apps” and “Add a New App”
4. Enter a name for your Facebook app (you may choose a name that refers to your platform, like “Apps Maker Company”). This name will be shown to the app users when they would want to create an account in the mobile app through Facebook connect.
5. Choose “Communication” for the app category, and click on “Create App ID”:

6. Choose “Facebook Login” in the list by clicking on “Get Started”:

7. And set the settings like this (change “yourcreatemyappsdomain” by the URL to your Create my Apps):
(We recommend you to set both “http” and “https” address, and so 6 entries)

8. From the left menu, click on “Settings”
9. In the App Domains field, let it blank.
10. Click on +Add Platform and choose “Website”
11. In the Site URL field enter the address of your platform (aka your Create my Apps) and this time with “http://”, and “www.” if your platform is on your main domain. If it’s on a subdomain, enter your subdomain like Enter also the URL to your domain name, and http://* (if your Create my Apps is at enter http://*”. Then save.
(We recommend you to set both “http” and “https” address, and so 6 entries)

12. You can also add an app icon for your app. It’s not mandatory but your Facebook app will be more professional with an icon when the user will be invited to connect with his Facebook account. Click on Save Changes.
13. From the left menu, click on App Review
14. Switch “Make My Create my Apps app public?.” to “yes”
15. From the left menu, click on Settings. Copy and paste your App ID and App secret, in your Create my Apps Edition backend (Settings > APIs) or in your Editor in Settings > APIs.
17. You’re done!



Go to (you must have a Soundcloud account and the Audio module)
Click on “Register a new app”, then enter the name of your Soundcloud application (the name of your edition for example), then complete the fields.

For “redirect uri” enter this address after having replace “url-of-your-edition” by the url of your own Create my Apps edition : http://url-of-your-edition/media/application_gallery_music/soundcloudcallback
For example, if your Create my Apps URL is, the address is

And you are done.



Go to (you must have a Yahoo account).


Click on Request an API KEY.

Click on Apply for a non-commercial key.

Then enter the name of your app and a description and click on Submit.

And you are done.

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